Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Jesus Language...

We arrived home last night! When our plane landed in Atlanta, we only had about forty minutes before our next flight took off. We went through customs slowly, and then literally ran through the airport trying to make it onto the plane before they closed the gates! Some of the team made it...and some didn't...and had to wait for the next flight. We arrived in Tampa to a wonderful, happy welcome from family and friends...and then waited for the next flight from Atlanta to arrive with the rest of the team! Thank Jesus we are ALL home, safe and blessed!

Any words that I write here, can never fully depict how this mission impressed my life. There was a distinct moment when I was bending over a bag of food, tying a knot to set aside as finished...and I was so moved with emotion over the thought that this was the moment that we had been working and praying towards for so long! The mosquitoes joined us as we met in the Pastor's front yard and set to work channeling a miracle! Pastor Alfonso hung the weight scale from a rope, and how amazing it was to hear, "ocho libras!"... "ocho libras!" as bags of beans, rice, or corn was passed through the assembly line... 

Everyone agreed at the close of our week, that although the food drive was clearly miraculous, nothing could compare to the joy of God's power, in watching young people walk to the front of the church to receive Jesus into their hearts! I sat there, and listened to five testimonies given by members of our team, and prayed for God to move in the hearts of the hearers...He did! There were tears, and hugs and an exchange of the little spanish, and english we each knew, but it didn't matter if we understood one word...it really didn't! Jesus was the only language we needed.

Thank you all, for lifting this mission up in prayer! They were greatly felt and answered. To those who gave toys, bracelets, clothes, and monetary gifts from Florida and Georgia, please know that what you gave, literally has changed lives. 


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Florida bound! I must confess, it was sad to leave!

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As you can imagine, Samuel was a huge favorite! Everyone wanted to keep him:)

Sweet Gabi  

Going through town and sending our Adios out the window. we got stopped and were given some going away pictures.

Once we got on the plane, all we wanted was a cup of ice!

Mrs. Pollock was a beautiful sight, when we got off the plane!

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  1. Treasure, thank you so much for giving us another glimpse into your trip! So often I felt as though I was truly a part of your trip even though it was through prayer only! We have had to run through an airport too in order to catch a flight clear on the other side from where we landed! Thankfully we did not miss our flight! Love y'all<3