Friday, May 8, 2015

The Voice of God

"Did ever people hear the Voice of God 
speaking out in the midst of the fire
as thou hast heard....
and LIVE?"

Deuteronomy 4:33

"I am the Door: by Me if any man enter in, 
he shall be saved...
and shall go in and out
and find pasture."
John 10:9

Dear Readers,

For those just tuning in to our Honduras posts, I'd like to welcome you and to thank you for your interest, prayer, and joyful response! I am Ana....pastor's wife and mother to 14 great children. My daughter Alexis and I have invaded the blog in Olivia's absence....and we're having fun! 

Now onto the day's happenings with the team yesterday......

This day was largely devoted to visiting people from door to door, greeting people in the streets, and talking with those riding bicycles (EVERYONE rides bicycles) or sitting on their front stoops. Each member of the team (14) carries a backpack or satchel of some kind bearing gifts for those they meet: copies of the New Testament.....a big "THANK YOU" to the ministry, "Bearing Precious Seed" for the Bilingual New Testaments in Spanish and English. The Honduran young people love to learn English. Also, thank you to Andrew and Jessica Hersh for their gifts of Spanish Bibles. They also carry many tracts, bead bracelets, coloring books, crayons and pencils etc. Even soccer balls (thank you to Kevin and Denise Fitzgerald for the balls!) We take the balls deflated so that they can 'nest', making them easy to pack and transport. Of course, we can't forget the pump! Honduran boys love soccer but many little boys cannot buy their own ball. We watched them play with rags wound into a ball......

Here is a portion of a message from Anita:

"It's been busy....we walked the streets and passed out tracts, bunnies, candy, Bibles and whatever else everyone brought. It was soooo very hot today, but with buying water and PEPSI! we made it for about 4 hours. We had a lovely lunch at Gloria Margaritas and Fidencio's house. She cooked us chicken, rice and potato salad with two kinds of melon drinks. They asked if Dad could talk to their daughter and some of her teenage friends, encouraging them in the ways of the Lord. The youth here don't even attend church and live such a sad life....the girls all seem taken advantage of by boys and men and live a life like it's ok. So many young girls with babies here. The clothes and baby clothes sent by the Pollock family was more than a blessing! Everyone went crazy over it. So many stories I can't even think to write... so, I'll start sending pictures and try to describe and hugs, Anita."
"Packed van as usual!! Good ol' air-conditioning too...from the windows that is! This man was saved today!"

"Learning a Spanish song in the van!"

"Our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with singing:
then said they among the heathen,
The Lord hath done great things for them!"
Psalm 126:2

"Bananas and Georgia grown coloring books!"
Thank you to Chechero Baptist Church in Clayton, Georgia for their many gifts and coloring
books! The children seem to really enjoy any kind of school supplies.
"The children LOVE the bunnies!"
The bunnies are toys sewn by Huron and Pollock girls. They also wear a hand knit scarf.
Thank you to Tanya B for coming over and spending hours stuffing bodies, arms, and legs!

"This young girl trusted in Jesus special!"

"Jony gave the first soccer ball away today! He is doing well and picking up a lot of Spanish! 
He is his funny self!"
This is my son, Jon-Michael talking with some boys. He has been practicing Spanish a lot lately
and encouraging his grandparents to speak Spanish with us.

Samuel (our 13th born) is on the left. This was his very first trip and first time on an airplane. 
Mr. Pete H speaking to a man. Pete is VERY good with his Spanish and is bold to speak without
an interpreter. Gabriel, Ariana, and Olivia Pollock on the right. Their enthusiasm and hard work is infectious. You can't be sad around them!

Dear Gloria and her husband Fidencio prepared a delicious lunch for the team. Their hospitality is
humbling. How we love them! We may learn much about hospitality from our friends. (Hint: hospitality is not about big house and fancy food.) 

Umbrellas are SO practical! The girls wear the bracelets for ease in removing to give away. That's Jessica on the right speaking to a woman. I understand Jessica's college Spanish is coming back!

"It looked like it would rain, but it never did, but it did give us a MUCH welcomed reprieve from the intense heat. Thank you Jesus!"

Notice the barbed wire along the wall? The crime rate is high in Honduras.

"Cleaning clothes this morning! I love the soap and it brings many fond memories of past trips. I truly love it here. I wish I could stay. I know every place has its hard times and its ups and downs, but it is such a special place here. I'm loving every minute we have here."

My beloved first-born LOVES Honduras and the soap! She doesn't mind hand washing in the great
concrete basins, which is the way all the women wash their clothes. Notice the soap is shaped like a
cylinder. It's easy to hold and scrub. It really does smell amazing and really cleans clothes. Bring some home, will you Anita?

Well, this ends today's post. Perhaps, we may post again tonight. I hope you enjoyed the journey today. Please feel free to leave a comment. I leave you with a few prayer requests:

Safety in travel as the team heads to Puerto Cortez and Nuevo Horizontes.
A Youth Rally taking place on Saturday night!
For team members sharing their testimonies at the rally.
For discipleship and growth for the new saved Christians.

Lastly, I leave you with a text message from Pastor Huron:

"Thank you for praying. We had a special time last night at our church meeting. Many men and women were convicted of their lack of passion for the Lord and His work. They recomitted themselves to His grace. One young man and 3 young ladies were born again....revival could really take place if the leadership gets serious about discipleship. Pray for our safety in our travel today."


  1. Wow, I'm so excited for the team and all that the lord is doing through their trip! Thank you for giving us updates every day, I feel so apart of it...... If the soap is anything like Haitian soap, it's awesome!! Anita, bring me some back too:-)

  2. So exciting to read all these updates!!! We are praying for the team. I agree with Katie, it does seem as though we are right there with them and a part of the team!

  3. Thank you for all the posts. I have loved keeping up with the team and enjoy hearing how everything is going. How is Cilicia doing with her headaches?

    1. Hello Kim!
      We also have loved hearing from them every night as well! It's also such a blessing to know that so many are lifting them up in prayer with us! Cilicia is doing well...has she had some bad days?...yes. She told me that the team has been so understanding and sensitive when she has a bad migraine. She did say that the three hour flight from Atlanta to Honduras was pretty hard for her...and that that is something that we can pray for on the return flight! I determined early on, that I wasn't going to ask her how she was feeling...knowing that she wants to push through...but she did tell me that this was how we could pray...
      We talked briefly on the phone yesterday...and she's overflowing with how good, so good God is!
      Love you, Kim! Keep praying!