Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wait to See...

Tonight the boys were around me on the computer while we watched a mama bunny save her baby bunnies from a snake. Then I scrolled and we listened to a man with amazing talent imitate animal sounds. I kept scrolling and came to a picture of a young couple on their wedding day, holding hands around a corner wall so as not to see one another. I was about to keep going as the boys have no great interest in sentimental "stuff" like that, when Peter quickly and a little quietly said: "that's sweet". And then, of course I think he's sweet.

Samuel looks at Peter a little blankly and pipes up: "What? I don't get it. What are they doing that for?"

Jony has his explanation: "Sam, it's a tradition. They can't see each other for like, a WEEK before they get married. It's crazy."

I give him "the look" while trying to keep a straight face.

Jony: "What? Isn't that true? Remember Ronald and An? (our cousins) A whole week before they saw each other at the altar!"

At this point Paul and I can't hold the laughter. So I tell them it's not like that for everyone, it was just that way for Ronald and An because Ronald is from the Dominican and that's his special tradition.

Me: "For most brides and grooms it's only the day of their wedding that they wait to see one another."

"" And then they study the picture a lot more closely. Because an explanation will make you do that sometimes.


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