Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pancakes and M&M's...

The other night at the dinner table, about 2 days before Samuel's birthday, a few of us were sharing something we were particularly thankful for. Samuel piped up and said he was so thankful for Treasure's "tradition" of making him pancakes with M&M's on top, for his birthday.

"I'm thankful she does that for me every year...ON my birthday. It's so fun." He giggled and looked her way.

Tradition? Is doing it twice considered tradition now?

Oh. Ok.

We can do that. How can you not after seeing his adorable little face?

Let's just grab our keys and make a quick run to Dollar General for the M&M's we don't have right now. And let's remember that he'll be up extra early on his birthday making sure he can see you at the stove, (even though he tells you he had: "NO idea you were going to do that!") so set your alarm.

Because, he's the birthday boy. And birthday boys are oh-so special. It's exciting to turn 10. And we remember how excited we were on our 10th birthdays. So excited in fact, that one of us almost fainted in the Mosi parking lot and then threw up the rest of the day. (because we were just way too excited to eat breakfast.) And of course it was just the best birthday ever and we won't ever forget it...

Samuel is one exciting, adventurous, sparkler of a little boy! We love him dearly. We thank Jesus for giving him a tender heart and a huge smile and a conviction even at his young age to live his life the way Jesus would want him to live it.

Happy Birthday Samuel! We know your birthday was on the 4th, but we celebrated it this weekend, and we just want you to know we love you very much.

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