Tuesday, December 22, 2015

::December:: 14/31


This is the day the boys get so excited and say over and over: "this is one of my favorite traditions! Oh! this is one of the BEST traditions!" They can't stand still on the sugar and flour buckets they've pulled up to the stove to watch as the donuts fry.

Soft, pillowy, puffy dough is everywhere in differing stages of doneness. 

Flour makes it's way on to everything. Florida snow;)

The kitchen overheats and so do I. 

This is the day the hot popping oil leaves it's mark on our arms and hands. But the donuts are worth it.

This is the day (and only day) we can eat as many crispy and sweet donuts as we want!

Because it's tradition! And we love every hot, sticky, sugary, crispy second of it!


  1. Oh my word, those look delicious!!! I want some :-)

  2. Well gracious, You have to have the baby first Katie! No doughnuts until I can hold the baby;) And then you'll have to wait a year anyway...we don't make them again until next December;)

  3. I guess my box of doughnuts were lost in the mail??? Hope ya'll had a VERY MERRY Christmas!

  4. Sorry Ray, no. We considered coming and personally delivering a box to you and Joanna, but since we would have to strap our snow shoes on and nearly freeze to death with cold, we decided not to;) We did think of y'all when we ate them though, if that's any consolation:)
    In all seriousness though, you and Joanna have been much on our hearts these last few weeks. We pray you are doing well. May our Jesus continue to bless you with His richness.
    Love y'all.