Thursday, December 10, 2015

Small town Christmas...

I love where we live. It's quaint and homey and everybody knows everybody. It's simple; laid back. We like it this way. True, it's changed here and there as years have passed, but everybody, pretty much still knows everybody:)

We have "Christmas in the Park" every December in "town square". We always hope the weather is a tad crisp so we can pull on a sweater and drink hot cider. This night, a cool front seemed to arrive just for us!

For the past five years we were the ones up there singing and playing. It was a nice kind of different to be standing in the darkness, watching the lights and listening to the music from the other side this time. 

And the trumpet player stole the show... 

This lady is beautiful. We love her. San Antonio wouldn't be San Antonio without her. She served as MC and had us laughing throughout the night!

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