Friday, April 15, 2016


My alarm vibrated from under my pillow this morning. I wondered if it would be a rainy morning for bread pick up...
Every weekend for the past six or seven months Daddy has been picking up the leftover bread from Publix. We don't call it "day old" or we don't even like to call it "leftovers" because the bread that we pick up is always so soft and fresh, baked the day before! The blessings that come from these weekly pick ups are more than we can tell...or even know really. 
Dad has become a familiar face to 21 or so families here in town. "The Bread Dude is here!" one little girl's voice filtered through the door..."My favorite day of the week!" one grandmother smilingly said as she stood at the bus stop last week.

It's these "leftovers" and the extra giving of managers that care to set what we call "special donations" aside for Daddy, that make each early morning pick-up so amazing...amazing because we see the weekly reminder that the Lord cares for the needs of His children and also for the needs of hurting people around us.

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