Sunday, April 17, 2016

Forever Young....

We like to think Abuelo won't get older. Even though we know he will. Curly white hairs are beginning to show in between all those black ones on his handsome head. I do the driving now when we run errands together. (and I love his red car!)
Like Treasure mentioned earlier, you wish you could snap a mental picture of these times, store them away and then bring them out later to physically relive moment by moment. But we can't. And sometimes that's sad because these moments are so very precious, you don't want them to end.
Last week at Abuela's, we cleaned the house and trimmed the flower bushes. 
With the sun starting to climb down from the sky and a dancing breeze blowing through their screened-in porch, the three of us, Treasure, Abuela and I, sat swinging on the porch swing. We listened and watched Abuelo talking enthusiastically to Peter and Samuel just inside the open sliding door about his plants and the latest electronic gadget.  "He really likes it when you come, you know." Abuela said softly. "Yes, I know..." 
Those were a few moments I really wanted to be able to re-live again.

So Abuelo turned 81 this April. Or was it 18? 
We tell him he'll be forever young...

Paul took his lunch break especially to see the Birthday boy!

18 candles...

Happy Birthday Abuelo! We love you so much!

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