Thursday, April 14, 2016

It's What we do With it

Everyday is a celebration of life...of time. I don't always see time as a gift. in fact, I spend most of that time wishing time to fly, or bemoaning that it's gone. 
Time is a gift that is given to every one of us, and it's just what we do with it, and who we live it for that makes any difference at all. 
After getting through grocery shopping today (which is no small feat, by the way!) I passed the display of flowers....I thought of a special friend that is celebrating her life today, and she happens to live right down the should always have flowers on your birthday!  I bought them...and then struggled with giving them away! so I pretended that they belonged to me for a few minutes on the way over:) 


Remember today to be thankful for the time that Jesus has given...and continues to give!

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