Monday, April 11, 2016

Siblings Day...

Yesterday was National Siblings Day! Did you know?

Sunday mornings are normally slightly crazy hurried for us. We like to be at church a little on the early side if we can, just to be aware of visitors and such. That doesn't always happen though and this year our winter visitors from up North almost always beat us to church about 30 minutes early! Next year, that is not happening Mr. Larry;)

This Sunday we really tried to get out in our front yard for a sibling picture. But, we practiced a song we were singing and, "did anyone brush Luke's hair?!" 
So, we took one in the church parking lot instead. 

And my! How grateful I am for all these wonderful siblings of mine. I am rich with God's goodness in giving me so many amazing people to live this journey of life with! 

This year, we have had so many times of hard, gut wrenching laughter! And so many times of hard, gut wrenching tears. 

We have played together and kidded each other as only siblings know how to do. We have also dropped, with arms encircled, to our knees together on many a night after long days, and cried out to Jesus for His strength and His grace and for His miracles.

And we have seen His mercies for us. They are new every morning....

Happy National Siblings Day (yesterday) everyone! It's a day not to be overlooked:)


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