Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I had no idea that some people didn't know the term, "snail-mail". But then my Aunt asked me "what in the world did I mean by that!" when I texted her the phrase one day;)

I kinda' think it's like bits of happiness packed up in a package, or letter, and handed to numerous mail-man after mail-man till it reaches your mail-box. Either the one sitting in your front yard or the little personal compartment box at the post office that you unlock with a nifty key:) And no, bills don't really apply.

Our grandmother faithfully checks the mail. Some days we do it for her, but normally, it's her special thing to walk down their driveway in the evening and open the box. One week, Cilicia sent one little package each and every day from our house to Abuela's. It was thrilling to watch how it brightened her face! She got so excited to check the mail every day. And for just a few moments, it took her mind off of her sadness, which overwhelms her at times.

I really do thank God for "snail-mail" and the first day it came to be:)

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