Monday, February 19, 2018

Our Family Concert...

These days are full and busy for us! One of our strongest desires during these months has been to take each and every day, and l i v e it with intention and soak in the things that we might otherwise consider mundane. And that is a hard thing to do when you live out of a suitcase between Lakeland and San Antonio from week to week and your mind seems to want to shut down and "survive" the days instead of  l i v e  the days. Pray for us as God continues to guide us through every step of this journey.

Something I would also like to let everyone know about is our family concert coming up in about 2 weeks now. This has been planned since last year and now it's right around the corner! It will be at our church in San Antonio and we will also be serving light refreshments afterward.

We are not professional singers! We DO in fact get nervous, run out of breath, sweat, forget entire lyrics to songs, slip, trip and sometimes fall:)
We practice and rehearse and really strive to do our best, not only for the people who attend, but also for Jesus Christ. His glory is our number one priority. Without Him, this would not be happening.

So we would really love to see you there! Anyone is welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to call or email using the info on the flier or even comment below:)


Huron Family Concert

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