Dads Sermons

God wants to confound our critics, compel His Church, and convert the lost! In this message entitled "If God Be For Us", Pastor Santiago Huron delves into Festus' consultation with King Agrippa concerning the prisoner, Paul. King Agrippa is intrigued by this interesting and unusual case and requests a hearing. Learn four characteristics of God's nature toward Paul as he was unjustly imprisoned, falsely accused and left defenseless before men. We, too, may be assured of God's defense of us when we suffer persecution for the sake of righteousness.

How do we respond to the Lord when trials don't go away? Do we know what God says about trials? Do we embrace the Lord's purpose for trials in our lives or do we resist it? As children of God, we have a choice to do one or the other. God allows special challenges in our lives for a reason and that purpose is to create His likeness and fulfill His will in our lives. In this message, Pastor Huron shares Biblical insights about trials, answers the question, "Why do trials overwhelm us?" and gives practical how-to's for overcoming the trials that test our faith in Christ.

What makes a leader effective in all that he does? What is it that makes a leader so determined that no trial can derail his objective? This message gleans from the life of an Old Testament character by the name of Nehemiah. Nehemiah demonstrated character qualities that gave an unmistakable understanding of the cost for effective leadership. Through his life, we see that those who become effective leaders are humble servants at heart. They acknowledge the needs around them and possess a sincere concern over the need. We also find through this man's life that an effective leader will sacrifice to fulfill an objective and avail himself to meed the need regardless of the cost.

In this four point message, Pastor Huron gives the church practical "how-to's" for walking circumspectly. The church is challenged toward God's wisdom to make wise and sacred use of every opportunity for doing good by acquainting ourselves with the will of God. This exhortation confirms the importance of being constantly controlled by the Spirit in our minds, will and emotions. Ephesians 5:15--17
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